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Revel in Nature's Embrace from a Tiny Abode

32 Foot Standard Model Tiny Home

Step into a realm beyond the ordinary with our 32-foot standard tiny home – a dwelling that redefines the very concept of tiny living. Dive into a world of intricate details and unparalleled features that elevate the tiny home experience to extraordinary heights.

Experience the luxury of space with our exclusive "signature bump out" feature, providing ample room for living, working, and relaxation. Embrace sustainability with our integrated solar panel system and rainwater gathering system, empowering you to venture off-grid for extended periods with ease.

This standard model is far from standard – it's a gateway to a lifestyle of unparalleled freedom and adventure. Unplug from the chaos of modern life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, all while enjoying the comforts of home in your tiny haven. Discover the joy of outdoor living without sacrificing comfort or convenience – this is tiny home living reimagined.

Tiny Homes of Ohio tiny home with blue truck parked close by
Tiny home kitchen area for dining
Tiny home loft area with sofa
Tiny home living room with recliners
Tiny Homes of Ohio tiny home fold up table feature.
Tiny Homes of Ohio tiny home fold away table feature.
Tiny Homes of Ohio tiny home loft and bump out feature.
Tiny Homes of Ohio tiny home washer, dryer and bathroom feature.
Tiny Homes of Ohio orange tiny home.

Standard tiny home features

Discover the ultimate adventure in remote living with Tiny Homes of Ohio! Our tiny homes are designed to immerse you in the off-grid lifestyle like never before. Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a tiny home that boasts all the essential features for a one-of-a-kind off-grid experience. Contact us and redefine your idea of living off the grid!

Vehicle title for easy financing and transporting
Brake axles, breakaway system for legal towing
Marker lights and taillights
Painted Smartside and cedar trim exterior
Front bump-out
Solar system with four 200 AH batteries
Honda backup generator
Rainwater with UV light and filtering system
500 gallon water tank with automatic overflow
On demand water heater
Bath includes shower, sink, and cabinetry
Composting toilet
Stove, refrigerator, and microwave
Washer and dryer
Air conditioner
Propane heat with two 40# tanks
Interior complete, with choice of paint color
Leaf guard in gutters
Book shelving in loft bedroom
Vinyl skirting
Insulated vinyl windows
Spray foam insulation in floor and ceiling
R-13 fiberglass insulation in 2x4 walls
Aluminum screen door
Vinyl plank flooring throughout
Metal roofing

Optional tiny home features

Elevate your living experience to extraordinary heights with our optional features! While our standard features already deliver exceptional quality, we go above and beyond by offering additional options that truly set our tiny homes apart. Take your lifestyle to the next level with our optional features, designed to exceed your every expectation. It's time to indulge in luxury and make your living space uniquely yours!

Sleeper sofa in loft
Recliner in bump-out
Black appliances
Glass shower door
Board and baton cabinet doors
Delivery and setup, priced per location
What's holding you back from living the tiny home lifestyle?
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